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Getting Started - Quick Start Guide

Installing software, Selecting output format, Adding folder or files, Setting output folder, Converting file.

Now take the following steps to Run your application in no time!

Step One : Selecting output format

Select the profile required by using the drop-down list.

Step Two : There are two ways to import video files

1: Drag and drop the video in the program
2: Go to File > Open video file...

Step Three : Setting output folder

This setting allows you to change the location of the default output folder. The program will automatically locate all of the output files in this folder at your computer. For that click the Browse... button and select desired output file location.

Step Four : Video Conversion

Once you are done with all the options, When you are satisfied with the output settings and click ok button , it's finally time to convert the video.

Note Tip: To adjust output settings, Please change to Custom mode near the right and set the detailed parameters.

Note Tip: You are able to press "Pause" button to pause the converting process, which you can terminate by hitting the Stop button as required.

Note By configuring an option , let your computer do all the work and automatically shutdown your PC when everything is finished.