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Video Splitting with Dicsoft Software Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to split specific time or size of a video.

On this page I briefly explain how you can cut video files into a shorter movie or multiple clips using the application.

Now take the following steps to split your video in no time!

Step One : Selecting output format

Select the profile required by using the drop-down list.

Step Two : There are two ways to import video files

1: Drag and drop the video in the program
2: Go to File > Open video file...

Step Three : Click "Edit" button

After open up your video file that you want to work in program. Please click Edit button on the main interface near the middle.

Step Four : Video Splitting

You will see the split... button . Next up is selecting the splitting settings, A great feature of dicsoft software is that one can predefine multiple "parts" or clips before doing the actual cutting. Click "Add Segment" button

After clicking the "Add Segment" button, you will see "segment 01" appear, For each clip we want to cut, we first select the "start" position of that clip by Moving the slider "A" to jump to the selected frame. Moving the slider "B" to jump to the selected the appropriate end position.

Click "Add Segment" button again. you will see the new number "segment 02" appear . Repeat this process for all cuts you want to make. In this example I selected 2 pieces of the movie file - this will generate 2 clips.

Note Note: Clips CAN overlap! Which is just fine, the program will deal with it as it should. Overlap is actually a pretty good idea when for example cutting an MPEG movie into 2 VideoCD's.

Step Four : Video Conversion

Once you are done with all the options, When you are satisfied with the output settings and click ok button , it's finally time to convert the video.

Note Note: you can also use "by time" and "by Output Size"mode. Choose by size limit (in Mb - so basically the limitations of your CD), by time limit (make movie cuts of a certain playback time, say for example 5 minutes) or by clicking button to get number of desired clips (for example, cut the movie in 10 clips).