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Frequently Asked Questions

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What audio codecs are used in Video to Audio Converter for MP3 writing?

For MP3 file encoding, you can choose between the LAME encoding engine and an internal encoding engine.


Why need I modify the settings on the right panel of the interface?

Besides the values offered, you can also enter a number you want for the conversion of most output formats, such as audio Bit Rate, Sample Rate. Sometimes, it would be limited by the output format and other conditions

I converted a video to another format, but the audio content was not present in the output file. How can I ensure the audio content of video files is included when converting?

This is usually caused by the video file`s audio content using a codec that is not supported for conversion. Even though it may play properly, the codecs supported for playback are not necessarily the same as those supported for conversion. You will want to ensure you`re running the latest version of Video to audio converter if you`re experiencing this problem since we are always adding support for additional codecs as the software is updated.